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10 fun and healthy hacks for Quarantine Cabin Fever [QCF]


10 fun and healthy hacks for Quarantine Cabin Fever [QCF] Buy CBD at Bhango.com

Covid-19 got you worried? Of course it does.  Intermittent cabin fever and having to use face cloths for toilette paper… We’re all thrown off regular life and going a little bananas at times. I don’t know about you, but I’ve abit paranoid, no thanks to allergies, so preemptively drinking throat coat tea and leaning over the hot water to cook my sinuses. So far so good.

Living across from Seattle’s waterfront, people have been exercising, smiling and being more courteous and loving than ever. 3/4 of us wearing masks now on our essential missions.  At 8pm, the neighborhood blows up with applause for our brave Covid-19 responders!


Enormous THANK YOU to the Doctors, Nurses, Volunteers and essentials Staffs around the world for keeping us safe and stocked up! 

Covid 19 Feeding America Fund - please donate


That said, here is a list of healthy and fun things we can do at home to keep our immune systems and spirits in tact as we ride out this pandemic: 

1. Augment your immune system

  • Organic Fresh Veggie Juice.  The Breville machine’s are great.
  • My favorite juice: celery stalk, 2 carrots, cucumber, chunk of ginger, an apple, a lemon, and sometimes kale or parsley and a tincture dropper of Water Soluble CBD with Circumin Drops.
  • At least 2000mg of Vitamin C a day
  • Zinc
  • Vegan CBD Fruit Gummies by Green Lotus
  • Lavender Vape Pen by Social CBD
  • Orange 750mg CBD Tincture by Green Lotus
CBD enriched sample set for your immune boost!  Buy it HERE
Green Lotus and Social CBD Products buy at Bhango.com Bhango CBD Boutique Premium brands and price match guarantee

2. Have you tried Yaymaker? It’s extremely relaxing to paint, let your mind wander and your creative side unfold… Yaymaker.com.  Equally as fun… pull out the pencil crayons and coloring book and scribble away your fears.  This one is fun: Dog Butts

3. The obvious must have for creative days and netflix nights like these is a vape or bong and some of that green stuff from the dispensary. Lucky for you bhangoheadshop.com has 20% off everything on the site. Use promo code: GLASS20 (up to May 22)

4. Speaking of Nexflix and Prime, Here are some funny movies we’ve watched this week: ACOD (adult children of divorce), Search Party and Unfinished Business.  And a fable’ish modern/retro quantum and vibey new series… Tales from the Loop [on Prime]

5. We found a toilet paper subscription service but they’ve been “wiped” out recently. So keep an eye on this site: whogivesacrap.com

If you’re in the Seattle area, Bartells on 2nd is fully stocked with TP.

6. Host a themed taco Tuesday zoom party with friends.

7. More help for your immune system… If you don’t have a hard foam roller then order one now. Neck, back and butt massage, Abs workout, Yoga moves, it’s amazing considering the minimal effort, laying down the entire time, shifting body parts in the air, rollling, jiggling, loosening up that fascia tissue and moving that lymphatic liquid through the body.  Did you know our lymphatic system carries our immune system around or body?  It coagulates if we aren’t active and hydrated. 

8. Teach your dog some new tricks.  You know they’ll do anything for treats. Everyone wins! 

9. Stage and film a hilarious video for you tube. Have some bud, make finger puppets and re-enact your favorite movie scene.  You might go viral. $

10. Record a how to video for something you’re awesome at.  Even if its yoga moves, dog tricks, party tricks or a pilot for that short film you’ve been thinking about. We are always too shy to show off our skils, but hey, we get to contribute to all these things we do on the internet every day. What makes you smile the most?

Quarantine Cabin Fever [QCF] is nothing to joke about.  If you think you are losing your marbles then go for a long brisk walk now! And treat yourself and your loved ones to some ice cream.

~Be Safe


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