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Soooo… here is a solid handful of fun things to do with your buddies when you’re in full goof mode… 

If you’re not having fun at any point, move on to the next activity.

1. Watch whatever TV marathon is on right now

Whether it’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Storage Wars, or 24 hours of Law and Order: SVU, watching TV is never a bad idea. Especially when you can watch more than on episode in a row. That way it’s like a movie. Kind of. A really, long, drawn out movie where you’re not sure how it began or how it’s going to end.

2. Listen to really trippy music

I mean, duh. Things sound a lot more intense when you’re floating around in the stratosphere. While one of the weirdest songs to listen to ever, stoned or not, is The Polyphonic Spree’s 36 and a half minutes long “Long Day,” I prefer classic rock, with a lot of guitar solos. Better yet, listen to the music that’s used in Guitar Hero and PLAY Guitar Hero. Remember how fun that game is? I wanna play that shit.

3. Make a bunch of Snapchats

Snapchat is the best because you can’t go back and edit or delete all of the stupid things you say. Normally that’s an awful thing, but with this app, the person who receives your message can’t save it (if you’re a screen-capper you’re going to rot in hell). Plus, you’ll probably forget all about it in the morning. GUILT FREE FUN!

4. Go to a playground

Seriously, do it. My fav: the swings. Use those loosey goosey limbs and swing as high as you can possibly go. Watch as the moon and stars move closer and further away with every drop and slowly, all your cares in the world will melt away. Do this until you puke.

5. Go internet shopping

Going shopping is so much fun. Going shopping high? A BALL. You can’t shop ’til you drop if you’re already sitting down. So, take a seat, surf the web, and buy all of those weird things you’ve had bookmarked for months but were too scared to buy. No, that cat hat won’t make you look silly. Yes, your BFF will love your new matching toe rings. Do it! Do it! Do it!

6. Bring out your artsy side

I don’t know if you paint, sculpt, dance, draw or doodle, but whatever artsy-ness is inside of you is dying to come out. Just put your hands to work and let them do the thinking. You never know what you’re going to come up with. Even if it’s just a  drawing on a peice of paper with a caterpillar with the face of a dog, you still made something you never would have before! What an accomplishment! Pat yourself on the back. Good boy.

7. Watch Planet Earth

Talk about oohs and aahs! Plant Earth will blow your mind and have you questioning your pets’ motives (are the following you every move? Are they secretly aliens? Just act like you don’t see them!). Like, that one episode with the polar bears? Where they come out of hibernation and fall down the snowy hill? Animal habits and faces, especially birds and fish, and nature shows are super entertaining to discuss and laugh about with your buddy.

8. Talk about space

Start off with a simple, “isn’t it crazy that stars are like, looking into the past?” and next thing you know you’ll be drafting out plans for a time-space continuum and searching for wormholes in your backyard.

9. Try new food combinations

Seeing as how the munchies make you ravenously hungry and turn your stomach into a bottomless pit, take this time to try combos of your favorite foods to see if they taste good together. Popcorn drizzled with Italian dressing, vanilla wafers dipped in peanut butter, a cereal sandwich with pixie sticks… just think of what you might discover!

10. Give yourself a makeover

What’s more fun than trying on crazy colored lipstick and eyeshadow? Guys, I’m speaking to you too. Being stoned is the perfect excuse to go totally awol on your face and make yourself look just as fabulous as the people you see on TV (Mimi, Ru Paul, Lord Disick). I mean, just look how good Shannon Coffey’s makeover turned out.


We welcome and encourage your ideas. On occasion we randomly draw a name from our commenteurs and send them a free gift  :~)  What are your favorite buddy activities??  


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