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12 Preschool Classroom Themes To Welcome the Littlest Learners


New year, new look! Ditch the teacher-centered classroom this school year and give your preschoolers a more immersive atmosphere. Preschool is the first exposure to learning in a classroom for most children, and they embrace the experience when the classroom feels like a large play area. Whether you switch out your themes for each unit, include a variety of dramatic play areas, or go all-out with one epic preschool classroom theme, the ideas below are sure to win over your preschoolers’ hearts and minds!

1. Our Learning Is Out of This World

Classroom themed like a galaxy

With the newly released NASA images, fascination with space is at an all-time high. Decorate your room with dark walls, vibrant planet colors, lights for stars, and so much more. Students will develop a love for learning that lasts for light-years.

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Image: Sparklebox

2. We Are Wild About Learning

Classroom with hanging vines and jungle-themed decor

Allow your preschoolers to be explorers in their jungle-themed classroom. From weather to plants, animals, and more, students will get into the “swing” of things and learn more about the world around them. Have fun with foliage and more as you decorate this classroom!

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Image: Teachers Mag: Teachers for Teachers

3. Learning Blooms Here

Classroom with flower pots and green rug- preschool classroom themes

Teachers are known for planting seeds of knowledge that will grow forever. Plant the seeds while your preschoolers learn in your garden-themed classroom. Fill your room with artificial flowers, live plants, and a grass rug. They will be so engaged in their learning, they will forget they are in a school room.

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Image: My Reading Garden (Otosection)

4. Learning Is an Adventure: Camp Pre-K

Classroom themed like a campsite

Learning is not always confined to the classroom—it is all around us. From home, school, stores, vacations, and nature, we learn in any and all environments. Learning is an adventure, so make your preschool classroom feel like one. Allow students to pretend with a campfire, embrace woodland creatures, or be creative with storytelling time.

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Image: Creative Teaching Press

5. Super Learners Unite

Classroom with superhero themed decor

Most superheroes get their superpowers by accident, but learning in this amazingly super environment is no accident. Creating this superhero preschool classroom not only builds students’ imaginations, it allows students the opportunity to express it. Early childhood is all about growing into a child’s identity. What better way than to have super-powered friends guide the way?

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Image: CM School Supply

6. Come Inside, It’s Fun Inside

Classroom with mickey mouse theme- preschool classroom themes

Most young children have been watching the Great Mouseketeer for as long as they can remember. This Mickey Mouse preschool-themed classroom gives a sense of safety and familiarity to the youngest students as they start school for the first time. Have Mickey and the gang on hand to help make the learning process hot-diggity-dog awesome!

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Image: Vicki Samuels

7. Preschool From the Wild, Wild West

Classroom with wild west theme- preschool classroom themes

There’s a new sheriff in town this fall—you! Take the cowgirls and cowboys out to the prairie with this rootinest, tootinest Wild West preschool-themed classroom. Load up your chuck wagons and head west in search of new areas of discovery waiting to be settled. Although robots and other technology seem to be all the rage these days, it might be good to slow down and take the littles back to a simpler time.

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Image: Kinder World Way

8. Learning Under the Sea

Classroom with under the sea themed-decor

Sebastian tried to tell us that “where it is wetter, and where it is better” is down under the sea. Take your oceanic explorers on a wild adventure into the great unknown of sea discovery. This underwater theme can be used with creatures, submarines, or the awesome Bubble Guppies young students adore. This can be paired with the calm, soothing sounds and visuals of rain or trickling water.

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Image: Quotesgram

9. Caution: Learning Zone

Classroom with construction zone theme

**WARNING, NOW ENTERING A FUN LEARNING ZONE** Help harness that preschooler energy for good in this construction zone preschool theme. Most scholars look at a construction zone as a place for demolition, when in reality it is a place to remodel, rebuild, or develop something new and amazing. To best service the needs of your pre-kindergarten students, have your classroom set up to help encourage knowledge while having a little fun at the same time.

Buy it: Construction Barricade Cardboard Stand-Ups at Oriental Trading; Construction Zone Alphabet at Etsy; 3D Cinder Block Cardboard Stand-Ups at Oriental Trading; Construction Zone Sign Cutouts at Amazon; Orange Playground Cones at Dollar Tree; “Under Construction: Learning Zone” Bulletin Board Set at Michaels

Image: Twinkl

10. Polar Preschool

Classroom with polar themed decor- preschool classroom themes

I said BRRRRRR it’s cold in here and there must be some awesome learners in the atmosphere! Though not as popular as Elsa’s “Let It Go,” it’s still easy to help our students find a cool way to grow their knowledge with this low-temp classroom theme. Help young preschoolers get excited to learn in a very chill  environment.

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Image: Sparkle Box

11. The World of Preschool

Classroom with Eric Carle decor

Young children love Eric Carle books because of their vibrant colors, friendly characters, and adorable story plots. Bring the love of literacy into your preschool classroom with an Eric Carle theme that includes watercolor artwork, images from the stories, and bulletin board decor to match. It all comes together to provide a comforting classroom young students will love.

Buy it: “World of Eric Carle” Alphabet Bulletin Board Set at Michaels; The Very Hungry Caterpillar Area Rug at Amazon; Classroom Caterpillar Paper Lanterns Package at Amazon; The Very Hungry Caterpillar Valance at Etsy; “The World of Eric Carle” Early Learning Poster Set at Amazon; Very Hungry Caterpillar Pillow Buddy at Target

Image: And Now U Know

12. Soak Up the Learning

Classroom with beach decor

Just because summer is over does not mean you have to stay away from the beach. Have a beach ball of a time without the gritty sand or shark-infested waters with this summer breeze classroom getaway. Rock out with shades, incorporate the tropical vibe, and normalize a laid-back learning environment that makes the learning fun. Surf’s up!

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Image: Teaching and Learning in Mrs. Gentrys Class

What are your favorite themed classroom ideas? Come share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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