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30 Best Short Poems To Share With Kids


Most adults probably remember reading Shel Silverstein and the joy his book A Light in the Attic brought us. Reading poetry with children fosters creativity and important literacy skills like rhyming. Short poems for kids can also helps develop memory skills because students usually can’t wait to share what they learned with family and friends. Since long poems may seem intimidating to younger readers or even just those new to poetry, we gathered some of the best short poems for kids. While some are silly and include nonsense words and funny names, others are more serious and tackle issues like inequality. Check out our complete list of short poems for kids below.

“Just put in your homework, then drop in a dime”

“I have eaten

the plums

that were in

the icebox”

3. There Was a Young Lady of Clare by Edward Lear

“When she found she was tired, she abruptly expired,

That unfortunate Lady of Clare.”

4. Happy Thought by Robert Louis Stevenson

“The world is so full of a number of things

I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”

“O let’s be good and make them glad!”

“Robed so white and spotless”

“How Cheerfully he seems to grin”

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

“The cry of the cicada

gives us no sign

that presently it will die.”

“I’m nobody! Who are you?

Are you – Nobody – too?”

11. Sonnet by James Weldon Johnson

“Tho’ thick the battle and tho’ fierce the fight,

There is a power making for the right.”

“My mother is calling me, and I’m calling you,

where have you gone my missing shoe?”

“I ate a chili pepper

on a lunch-time dare”

“My long-eared dog is very sweet.

He loves to lick my stinky feet.”

“Doesn’t she know

she’s waving my underwear?”

“I might even


his heart beat –

but never

his quiet


17. My Rock by Pat Mora

“Taking a deep breath, I gather myself.

I bring what I am.”

18. Cat by Marilyn Singer

“No cat I remember

dislikes December


“is a meadow

after a snowfall”

20. The Promise by Jane Hirshfield

“Stay, I said to my loves.

Each answered,


“Refer to me by my proper name,

Which is Mr. Hullibajiss.”

22. Dust by P.A. Ropes

The grey dust runs on the ground like a mouse”

23. My Griffin by Laura E. Richards

“I keep my Griffin in the barn;

I keep him busy winding yarn.”

24. Fun by Leroy F. Jackson

“I love to hear a lobster laugh,

Or see a turtle wiggle”

“Oh come, come, come,

Said the sardine’s mum.”

26. Oh, Fly by Jane Yolen

“For oh, you are

a lovely fly.


do not go

and multiply.”

“more women in the arena means

more room for all of us to rise.”

“I think it is a funny thing

That some birds whistle, others sing.”

“A wee little worm in a Hickory nut

Sang, happy as he could be”

30. Snowball by Shel Silverstein

“I made myself a snowball

As perfect as can be.”

Did you like reading about these short poems for kids and want more poetry? Check out these poems about teaching.

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