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6 Questions for Annabelle Huang of Amber Group By Cointelegraph


6 Questions for Annabelle Huang of Amber Group

This week, our 6 Questions go to Annabelle Huang, the managing partner at Amber Group, a global leading digital asset platform.

Prior to Amber Group, I served as the Asia lead at AirSwap, a decentralized trading platform that enables peer-to-peer trading on the blockchain. Before transitioning into digital assets, I advised private equity funds, U.S. corporates and hedge funds on structured solutions and risk management as an FX structurer at Deutsche Bank (ETR:) and Nomura in New York. My background in traditional financial markets, coupled with my experience in institutions and macro markets, has given me a unique vantage point in developing the product strategy and solutions delivered through Amber Group.

1 Whats a problem you think blockchain has a chance to solve, but it hasnt been attempted yet?

2 What will happen to and Ether over the next 10 years?

3 Do you subscribe to the idea of Bitcoin as a means of payment, a store-of-value, both… or neither?

4 Which two superpowers would you most want to have, and how would you combine them for good or evil?

5 Other than the present day, in what time and in which country would you like to have lived?

6 Thinking of a favorite poem or musical lyric, what is it, and why does it speak to you?

A wish for the young, ambitious blockchain community:

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