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Best Buy is now offering free shipping with no purchase minimum


Best Buy is bringing some changes to its rewards program in the new year. Beginning on January 9th, My Best Buy members are eligible to get free shipping with no required minimum purchase. However, My Best Buy members will no longer be eligible to earn rewards points beginning on February 14th, restricting that benefit to Best Buy credit card holders.

If you currently have an active My Best Buy account, you can still accrue points on eligible purchases before the new terms and conditions go into effect, and you’ll still be able to redeem any points you’ve accumulated without having to apply for a My Best Buy credit card.

I’m not going to tell anyone to run out and apply for a Best Buy credit card, but if you’re looking for free shipping options, signing up for a My Best Buy account isn’t necessarily a bad idea, especially considering the price hike applied to Amazon Prime memberships this past year that took the annual price from $119 to $139. Just note that while a My Best Buy membership does allow you to keep tabs on your order history, it doesn’t confer the same benefits as a Best Buy Totaltech membership, which costs $199.99 per year.

While pricey, Best Buy Totaltech members get access to benefits like extended return windows on most products as well as free Geek Squad support and free shipping, installation, and replacement for major appliances. However, arguably the biggest benefit to Totaltech members so far has been priority availability for hard-to-find items like the PlayStation 5. Even if Sony says the PS5 shortage is over, Totaltech members still get access to exclusive sales and improved deals on some products that are already discounted.


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