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Blink’s Mini Pan Tilt mount and floodlight cameras upgrade your home security


Blink’s giving its blocky Mini security camera a new robot body. The new Mini Pan Tilt is a very literally named mounting accessory that converts your existing Blink Mini camera from a stationary device into a controllable camera that lets you look around the room.

Setup sounds like it’ll be easy for the Pan Tilt: you connect the Mini camera to the mount, plug in the Micro USB cord, and the camera now has 360-degree movement from the Blink app. You can even install it on a tripod or wall mount (not included), or you can just place it on a table.

You can preorder the Mini Pan Tilt mount today on Amazon for $29.99. There’s also a bundle that gets you the mount as well as a Blink Mini camera if you don’t have one already for $59.99.

The Blink Wired Floodlight Camera has smart motion alerts for when it sees people.

The Blink Wired Floodlight Camera has smart motion alerts for when it sees people.
Image: Amazon

Alongside the new mount, Blink is also coming out with a new outdoor camera that uses Amazon’s AZ2 chip for local video processing that doesn’t need to send footage to the cloud. The Blink Wired Floodlight Camera streams 1080p footage and has LED lights that can get as bright as 2,600 lumens. If you want to keep all footage local, you’ll need an additional Sync Module 2 and a USB flash drive to store it on.

Correction September 28th, 1:22PM ET: A previous version of this article suggested Blink sells its own tripods and wall mounts. Blink does not sell them; camera owners would need to obtain them from a third party.


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