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Bloomberg reports Apple is working on a smart display and new Apple TV


Apple is working on a brand-new slew of smart home devices, at least according to a report by Bloomberg.

In addition to the very similar but Matter-equipped relaunch of the original HomePod, Apple appears to be pushing deeper into the home space with a smaller display akin to a Google Nest Hub or Amazon’s Echo Show. According to sources close to the discussions, the device would be similar to an iPad but less expensive, oriented toward home use, and would include a magnet for mounting. The device would appear to be more limited in scope than an iPad and would mainly be used for FaceTime chats, as well as controlling other smart home devices. Here’s hoping it can solve the multi-user problem that makes current iPads unpleasant for home control use. There have also been talks about larger smart home displays down the line.

An image of a Google Nest Hub.

Apple’s new display seems to be aimed squarely at offerings by Google and Amazon
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

In addition, Apple appears to be exploring a refresh of the Apple TV with a faster processor for the first half of 2024, but the device will not support 8k. The combination HomePod / Apple TV project also appears to have suffered setbacks but is still in the works, according to the source. The smart displays are still a long way away and will not launch until early next year or possibly later.

Hey, maybe with those magnets in the back, I could snap it to the fridge and make it a smart fridge.


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