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Debating the Defense of Taiwan


Chris, Melanie, and Zack discuss whether it is possible, and wise, to try to stave off a conflict with China over Taiwan — possibly for a very long time. A recent article by Jude Blanchette and Ryan Hass urges policymakers to find ways to forestall conflict. But is it a mistake to presume that conflict with China is avoidable? Should the United States make peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait the government’s overarching goal, or should Washington agree that at some point there will be military conflict, and do everything possible to prepare for that now? Or is there a bipartisan consensus in Washington that cannot be contained pushing for confrontation with China in general, and especially over Taiwan? Attapeople to outgoing members of Congress Elaine Luria and Peter Meijer, and to Taiwan for offering effective COVID vaccines to China. Grievances for China’s reckless and shortsighted COVID-19 policy, for Tik Tok spying on people, and for the Navy’s troubled littoral combat ship.

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