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Final Reveal: My Ice Cream Shop


Let me start this post by saying, 

This final reveal is soooo long overdue. Sorry!

The funny thing about it all is I actually thought I would have a spare moment once everything was done and my shop was up and running.  I couldn’t have been more wrong—the hard work just began.

Grand opening day was an exciting one. I couldn’t believe we had a line up out the door.

Grand Opening Day June 8th
Ice Cream Donut Sandwich + Stuffed Cheesecake Sundae @ Whimsy’s

But soon after, panic mode started to kick in. Everything that possibly could go wrong, went wrong that first day. Our AC stopped working (it was a hot day), we were running out of product, one of my ice cream machines was giving me problems, I was managing new (inexperienced) staff….the list goes on. https://theaffordabledental.com/cialis-online/

However, I realized that my first day of craziness was a great learning experience. It taught me that there will NEVER EVER be a dull moment in this type of business! https://theaffordabledental.com/metformin-online/

But enough about that. Let’s get back to the reno. I’m ecstatic with the way it all turned out and just in case you forgot, let’s rewind right back to the start, shall we. https://theaffordabledental.com/generic-propecia/

Ahhh, yes. Where it all began. The previously cluttered balloon shop. Within the first 5 minutes of walking in, I instantly got the magical “this is it” feeling. We signed the lease shortly after, took possession, and began to reno this 100-year-old beaut.

I made a budget + plan, and for the most part, was able to stick to it. I utilize any helping hands we could get. Thank you to our awesome family members and friends who helped us along the way!

I’m also so thankful I got to work with some of my favourite brands who provided us with some top-notch, durable finishings for our space. We were able to transform our dull, dingy space into an insta-worthy ice cream shop.

Replacing our ceiling tiles and getting rid of the fluorescent lighting was the start of our transformation. I feel like we knocked off 50 years just by upgrading to Genesis Smooth White Ceiling Panels .

Sabrina is the design enthusiast behind the blog, Pink Little Notebook, where she explores her creativity through home décor, thrift store finds, DIY projects and her ever growing love to paint everything in sight! She is indeed a storyteller of style and has an extensive mixture of artistic skills and abilities which include everything from make-up art, graphic designing, painting, drawing, and even self-taught photography, just to name a few. Through her blog Sabrina combines everything she has learned over the years and hopes to inspire others along the way!


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