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Found For Sale: This newer classic Volkswagen Bus

Down throughout Mexico and well into Central and South America, the Volkswagen Bus roamed roads with fresh body panels and new, clean paint. That’s because Volkswagen built the iconic machine all the way through the late 2010s in certain markets. This model is called the T2c, and there’s a Mexican-market model for sale in El Paso, Texas. This is your way into the newer version of an otherwise classic machine.

It would be a weird time warp to drive one of these things. This specific VW Bus is a 1994 example with 1.8-liter water-cooled power. The seller says it was imported into the States and has a proper Texas title.

There’s an oddball effect that happens when you stare at this thing. It looks familiar and foreign all at once. The grille is different than what I’m used to seeing as is the blacked-out panel with the turn signals at either end. It’s like looking at a Volkswagen Bus that’s wearing a Groucho Marx disguise.

I believe $18k is a lot to ask for one of these. But true classic versions do trade hands for shocking amounts of money.

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