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Here’s a last look at new Samsung Galaxy S23 leaks before the event


We already have a pretty complete idea of how they look in leaked press shots, but new photos show what Samsung’s whole Galaxy S23 lineup will look like in the real world, a day before their official reveal.

Thanks to numerous leaks over the past few months we’ve already seen several press renders of the lineup, and there have also been a couple of photos and videos shared previously. But these new shots give a more-or-less complete look at the whole lineup. We can see the squared-off edges of the Galaxy S23 Ultra with its four cameras around back, while the S23 and S23 Plus are more rounded in design with one fewer camera each.

According to a follow up tweet, the source of Xitton’s photos is a Chilean mobile network which has inadvertently started publicly displaying the handsets prior to their official launch. Sure enough, the photographs show the S23 Ultra in what appears to be a retail display unit, complete with a security tether attached to the back of the phone. 


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