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Hooniverse Asks: What am I buying?

Last December I picked up my new Ford Bronco. The Bronco is going great and I’ll write more about it soon. But I now have a need for a second vehicle. I need to drive one of my two kids to school, while my wife uses the Bronco to drive the other kid around, or herself to the office twice a week. That’s really the only reason for the second car; I typically take the bus to my day job. My wife likes the Bronco so much that she wouldn’t give it up for anything else. So I had to get something for myself.

After wasting way too much time, I finally found something I really like. But what is it?

I am providing a few pics here, much like we did in the days of “Mystery Car“. I’ll let you tell me what I’m getting while I get it insured. A few more hints here.

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