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In Strange World’s new trailer, sci-fi adventuring is a family affair

The main cast of Disney’s sci-fi adventure film Strange World.
Image: Disney

The first trailer for Disney’s Strange World introduced us to its pulp sci-fi style of adventuring — and now we have a better look at the family who will actually be doing the exploring.

The latest clip from the film reveals three generations of explorers led by a reluctant Searcher Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal), who is living in the shadow of his famous father (Dennis Quaid) while traveling with his adventure-obsessed teenage son (Jaboukie Young-White). Also along for the ride are Gabrielle Union as an ace pilot and Lucy Liu as some kind of presidential figure.

Just as important, the trailer gives a closer look at some of the weird sci-fi elements of the movie, including flying schools of jellyfish-like creatures, bright pink dinosaurs, and a…

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