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Is this the only way I’ll be able to afford a vintage Ford Mustang?

The idea of swapping the Jaguar out for something cool and older is playing on a constant loop in my head. And one of the vehicles that pop up most frequently is an old Ford Mustang. I’ve always been a Ford fan. The Mustang is an icon. And for quite a long time, older Mustangs in mediocre state were pretty darn cheap. Sure, the fastbacks and desirable models always commanded a bit more dough, but you could snatch up a coupe for short money. Those days are clearly gone.

See that car posted above? It’s from this Craigslist ad. In it, the seller explains that it’s a non-op car with a clean title. The factory-fitted 289 and four-speed stick are in place. But there’s a whole lot missing. I only see quarter windows for the glass, the interior is comprised of a steering wheel and a rear seat, and we’ve got no lights or grille. The asking price for this very-much a project car is $7,300.

This is the best price I’ve seen on an old Mustang in the last year and a half. And that’s because this car vaguely resembles a Mustang that once enjoyed running, driving, seats, and facial protection in the form of a windshield. Even if you could haggle this car down to an even $5,000, it’s still more than it should be. The motor isn’t special. Nor is the body-style. And there’s nothing specific about the year that’s exciting either. But it is an old Mustang, and that’s all that matters for the market right now.

Is this the only way I’ll be able to afford one of these things? Should I set my sights elsewhere on less desirable old iron? What would you go for right now if you wanted to get into something from the mid to late 60s with V8 power?

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