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MiCA is already stifling stablecoin adoption in the EU By Cointelegraph

MiCA is already stifling stablecoin adoption in the EU

The digital asset landscape in the European Union is evolving ahead of the passage of the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulation framework that aims to instill regulatory clarity around crypto assets. While well-intentioned, the current structure of MiCA may throttle innovation. But if a revised version of this policy passes, it could see the European Union become one of the leaders in the digital payment space. If not, then there is a genuine possibility of the continent falling behind.

MiCA aims to set a regulatory framework for the crypto asset industry within the EU. At this point, much still needs to be codified and clarified, but the broad strokes are now known.

Mathieu Hardy is chief development officer at OSOM Finance. Curious about how the digital realm was offering a new playground for social sciences, he began his career in IT change management before turning to digital business model innovation.

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