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Multicolor Pen Gift Tags – Free Printable

Do you remember the first time you saw a multicolor pen? If you’re like me, your mind was simply BLOWN, ha ha. The fun news is, kids still love these colorful, clicky pens—and we found a set of 22 for just over $0.50 a pen! We tested these pens to make sure they’d hold up to LOTS of clicking and LOTS of colorful drawing, and they do! So we also created a set of multicolor pen gift tags you can save and print for free. Student holiday gifts—done!

Our multicolor pen gift tags come in three different designs

Multicolor Pen Gift Tags - All Templates

We’ve included messages that will work for holiday time, general motivation, and end-of-the-year gifts too. Plus, you’ll also receive templates that allow you to include your name as well.

You Are INK-credible

Ready to create the easiest-ever student gifts? Buy your pens here and get your gift tags by clicking the orange button below.

Get My Gift Tags

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