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My 2022 Lessons + Switching Off for the Holidays


Hello to my inspiring community,

2022 – you were certainly a biggie… but we made it!

Well done on everything you have managed to achieve and complete in 2022.

There is no doubt many of us found 2022 to be a heavier, more challenging year – the hangover from the pandemic was real and exhausting for so many. The change in pace and mentally adjusting to the world again was a lot. If you experienced this, it’s even more of a reminder to be gentle and kind with yourself.

Perhaps you had an amazing year – and that makes me happy! I’m sure whatever 2022 was like for each of us, we can look to the lesions we found in it.

Know that I am sending you all my love and am so grateful to have been on the journey of these last 12 months together as a strong community.

Interestingly for me, I had one of my best years personally in terms of spiritual and self growth. On the other hand, I found my work a little more challenging and draining than usual. A lesson in itself. When one part of life feels easy – often another part of life can feel harder. This is life, this is where we grow.

Here are some of the key lessons I learnt  in 2022….

Life isn’t perfect – Some aspects of life will flow and thrive, while others will test you. We must enjoy the dance of life. 

Hold onto your passion and purpose – Hang on tightly to your mission and motivation, then you will always succeed.

Hard times strengthen us – every single time – Do not fear them. They bring the lessons we need for the next steps on the journey.

Boundaries are the best way to protect your energy and take care of yourself. Saying NO is a sign of strength, not weakness. Put yourself first.

The present moment is what matters – We can’t actually experience the past or future. Enjoying the moment is all we have and it really is all we can control. Suddenly, life then feels blissful. 

Always be kind to yourself and others – This is probably the most transformative emotion in the world right now and spreads like wildfire. You have no idea how kindness can impact another human life. We need this more than ever.

Your peace is MORE important – There is no better feeling than health and peace. Put everything into that. This will also allow you to then show up as the best version of yourself for those you love.

You’ve got to do the SELF work – Otherwise it leaks into places it shouldn’t. YOU are the best investment you can make for your life to thrive. 

I also wanted to wish you a very safe and peaceful end of year holiday period.

This is a very precious time of the year to rejuvenate, reflect and be with our loved ones.

I personally use this time to switch off for my mental health and peace (as most of the world is anyway!) and take care of myself, so I can start the year on a wholesome note. From the end of this week I will be switching off from emails and social media, which I cannot recommend enough. It is transformative – give it a try!

Finally, thank YOU so much for choosing to support JSHealth the way you do. There are simply no words that describe what it means for myself and the JSHealth team to have this incredible, real community by our side.

Look forward to reconnecting with you all in January!

All my love and infinite gratitude,

Jess xx


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