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Netflix adds Before Your Eyes to its mobile game lineup

Netflix is expanding its mobile game offerings with another banger. Hot on the heels of the platform’s launch of Into the Breach, this time, Netflix is serving up the exclusive mobile debut of last year’s critically acclaimed Before Your Eyes.

Before Your Eyes (not to be confused with the Netflix noir thriller Behind Her Eyes) tells the story of the recently departed Benjamin Brynn. Using eye-tracking technology, the game allows you to experience Brynn’s memories of life on his journey through death. According to Netflix, the game will utilize your mobile device’s camera to capture players’ blinks and glances. The PC version of Before Your Eyes also had mouse support, but it’s unknown if the Netflix version will have some sort of touch component as well.

In addition to Before Your Eyes, Netflix is also adding Mahjong Solitaire, a single-player tile matching game with daily challenges and achievements.

Netflix is steadily beefing up its games to become a serious contender in the mobile market. Indie titles like Before Your Eyes, Into The Breach, the forthcoming mobile debut of Spiritfarer, and more are being offered exclusively on the platform, rounding out Netflix’s more casual, 20-minutes-in-the-doctor’s-office fare like Dungeon Dwarves. Netflix seems to be all in on being a destination for mobile indie gaming, saying it wants to double its offerings to about 50 games by the end of the year.

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