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New Steam Deck update introduces longer custom boot animations

Valve released its latest Steam Deck beta update yesterday, which includes longer boot animations among the usual array of bug fixes and optimizations. Now, the maximum length of a boot sequence has been increased from 10 seconds to 30 seconds, opening up the possibility for users to create longer custom startups.

Some users discovered they could create their own sequences prior to any native support, which as Rock Paper Shotgun reports, have ranged from nostalgic:

To, well, whatever this is:

Rather than attempt to shut down this tinkering, Steam’s parent company Valve slapped on its seal of approval and made the process easier to do in a separate update for the Steam Deck handheld earlier this month. There’s even a dedicated subreddit and an online library where creators are posting videos for Steam Deck users to download freely, with a handful of 30-second-long sequences already available to use.

Right now, the beta update needed to enable longer video sequences is only available to those testing features in the Steam Deck Beta and Preview channels. There’s no official release date for the public build right now, but you can opt yourself in for testing by heading into Settings > System > Steam Update Channel on the Steam Deck console.

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