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Nintendo Switch Sports will be back online this week following game-breaking bug

Nintendo says it will be bringing Nintendo Switch Sports back online after it shut down the servers due to a bug last week. The servers will return when a patch, version 1.2.2, begins rolling out on Tuesday, according to a Google-translated support page on Nintendo’s Japanese website (via VGC). A second patch scheduled for Thursday, version 1.2.3, will once again let you back up your saves to Nintendo’s cloud services.

The bug, which caused the game to shut down during a pre-match loading screen and affects both online and offline play, was included as part of the Switch Sports version 1.2.1 update, Nintendo said on Friday. The company halted the rollout of that update, temporarily shut down the servers, and suspended save data backups until things were fixed.

To help make up for not being able to play the game, anybody who has played Switch Sports and is a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber will have their subscription extended by a week, Nintendo says on the support page. The company will also be doubling the in-game points you can receive when playing online with people from around the world between October 18th and November 3rd.

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