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Samsung Knox Matrix plans ‘private blockchain’ security for appliances, phones, and TVs


Samsung’s rolling out a new way to keep smart devices secure, and it apparently involves putting them on the blockchain. At the Samsung Developer Conference today, the company announced the Samsung Knox Matrix, a not-yet-released security solution that will include a “private blockchain system” to protect Galaxy devices, TVs, appliances, and more.

Samsung is vague about how it will all work but says Knox Matrix protects the smart home ecosystem with “multi-layered mutual monitoring.”

The company also claims Knox Matrix can share credentials from one device to another while securing the information shared between them to make logins more convenient without reducing security. Samsung’s example suggests that, with Knox Matrix, your phone’s links to stream video on a TV or to control an air conditioner are now more secure.

Samsung adds that the system provides a “unified security SDK [software development kit]” across the operating systems used by Samsung devices, including Android, Tizen, and others. The system expands on Samsung’s existing Knox platform, which protects its smartphones, tablets, and wearables from hackers on a hardware and software level. However, details about the Knox Matrix system are still scarce; it’s unknown when it’ll become widely available and on which devices.


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