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Skullcandy’s new wireless gaming headset has a quirky design and Tile integration

Skullcandy’s PLYR wireless gaming headset is shown from a side profile, showing its semi-translucent and multi-colored design.
The PLYR has a unique (definitely divisive) design. This model, in particular, costs $129.99. | Image: Skullcandy

You’d be forgiven for forgetting, or just not knowing, that Skullcandy once had some skin in the game of putting out gaming headsets. The company owned Astro Gaming throughout most of the 2010s, which it later sold to Logitech in 2017. It’s been relatively quiet on the gaming front since then, but Skullcandy’s now back with a new lineup of headsets. There are three, ranging in price and functionality — each accented with a slightly different-looking printer color test page pattern on their sidearms (my interpretation, not Skullcandy’s). There’s the $59.99 wired SLYR, the $99.99 wired but more feature-packed SLYR Pro, and finally, the $129.99 PLYR wireless headset, pictured above, that has the full range of bells and whistles.


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