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Sonos announces long-awaited Sub Mini for $429

A Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer pictured next to a couch, with a television in the background.
The Sub Mini will be available October 6th. | Image: Sonos

Sonos fans have been waiting ages for a home theater subwoofer that’s cheaper than the $749 Sub, and now it’s here. After design leaks and a delayed launch, Sonos today is officially introducing the Sub Mini. It’s priced at $429, which is honestly lower than I was expecting; I figured this thing wouldn’t go for less than $499, but I’m glad to be wrong. The Sub Mini is available for preorder today and will be released on October 6th. It comes in either black or white, both featuring a matte finish.

Just how “mini” is the Sub Mini? It weighs 14 pounds, less than half of the 36.3-pound Sub. It stands 12 inches tall compared to the Sub’s 15.3 inches, and the cylindrical design has a 9.1-inch diameter. Those size and heft differences mean…

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