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The Ford Bronco has an amazing history with Iceland

It’s pretty clear that the current-generation Ford Bronco is a hit. Ford can’t build them quickly enough (be it due to demand or supply issues), and the folks clamoring to get one all seem to love their machines. Our own Kamil Kaluski included, who has one as well. But one surprising market that has a passion for the Bronco is Iceland, and it’s a passion that’s long gone unfulfilled. Until Bronco Nation has set about returning the iconic nameplate to a country that used to cherish it.

Back in 1966, Ford starting selling the Bronco, and that first-gen truck was produced up through 1977. Though Iceland is a small nation, over the course of the first-gen Bronco’s 11-year run, around 2,000 examples were sold there. Per capita, that’s actually a ton of Ford Broncos. Ford has plans to sell the Bronco in Europe starting in 2023. But it seems Bronco Nation wanted to beat the Blue Oval to the punch and get a 6th-gen truck on Icelandic soil.

The resulting trip is beautifully captured and discusses the history of the truck in Iceland.

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