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This Free Mindfulness Journal Helps Students Get Calm


Mindfulness can help middle and high school students manage stress, improve their attention spans, and build empathy. Our students need these skills now more than ever before. Luckily, adding a few minutes of mindfulness practice to your classroom routine can be easy and fun. With this free mindfulness journal, you will guide your students through a different mindful activity every day. From practicing gratitude to introducing simple, calming breathing exercises, this journal makes being present and calming their minds accessible and fun for students.

Getting Started With the Mindfulness Journal

Photo of teacher's guide pages of the mindfulness journal on a yellow and blue background

You will find everything you need to get started in your download. You’ll receive an in-depth teacher’s guide, complete with step-by-step instructions, prompts, and activities. The guide also walks you through different ways you might add mindfulness activities into your daily schedule. The journal is ready to print and use, but it can also be used one page at a time. Blank journal pages are also included to allow you to use different prompts and activities as your students continue their mindfulness practice.

Different Activities Keep It Fun and Engaging

Photo of three pages from a mindfulness journal filled out with marker on a blue and yellow background with several markers lying around the pages

Each journal page has at least five different mindfulness activities. Some help students practice gratitude. Others encourage positive self-talk. Every page also teaches a different mindful breathing activity. Each day, you can choose the activity or let students decide which prompt feels right to them.




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