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Twitter is auctioning off assets from its San Francisco headquarters


If you’ve been looking to kit out a startup, then here’s a chance to grab some deals — along with some recognizably bird-themed memorabilia. Twitter has placed hundreds of items from its San Francisco headquarters for sale via an online auction, with listings including various artwork of the Twitter bird logo, designer office furniture, and a full range of expensive kitchen equipment.

Now, the tech giant is offloading surplus assets via Heritage Global Partners, an auction, liquidation, and advisory firm. A total of 631 lots were first listed in early December 2022 before going on sale on January 17th at 7AM PT, with bidding due to close later today at 10AM PT.

When the auction was first announced last month, Nick Dove, a representative of Heritage Global Partners, told Fortune that the sale had nothing to do with Twitter’s current financial situation (seen via Digital Trends). “They’ve sold for $44 billion, and we’re selling a couple of chairs and desks and computers,” he said. “So if anyone genuinely thinks that the revenue from selling a couple computers and chairs will pay for the mountain there, then they’re a moron.”


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