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Watch president Lil Nas X’s video for Star Walkin’


Screenshot from “Star Walkin’” video featuring animated League of Legends pros flanking an animated Lil Nas X staring determinedly at the camera
Image: League of Legends

President of League of Legends Lil Nas X has finally delivered his State of the Union address in the form of the music video for 2022’s Worlds anthem, “Star Walkin’.” Worlds anthem reveals are events unto themselves. In the minutes before the video premiered, over 70,000 people parked on the video’s YouTube page, leaving ecstatic messages one could not feasibly read because the sheer number of comments made chat scroll too fast for human eyes to follow. Combine the hype of a new Worlds theme with the sheer magnetic, queer-as-hell energy of Lil Nas X, and it’s a recipe for a good time.

The “Star Walkin’” video features prominent League pros going about their lives until the lure of the hallowed Summoner’s Cup calls them to take up arms…

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