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Why Choose Tinggly For Your Next Middle East Getaway?


Here’s my Tinggly Middle East Experience that made my adventure more exciting, thrilling, and fun!

I’ve been to the Middle East a lot of times since I’ve visited lots of countries there. However, I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen, but finally! I got the chance to visit them just recently! 

Tinggly Experience Best Gift to Give For Someone Visiting Texas for the First Time

Most of the fun and exciting things I did here won’t happen if not for Tinggly. So, without further ado, I want to share with you my amazing Tinggly Experience in the Middle East!

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What is Tinggly?

Tinggly is a gift company that focuses on giving people an adventure they will never forget. Just one Tinggly gift can give the recipient tons of experiences to choose from! The recipient can choose one experience in more than 100 countries available in Tinggly. And the best thing about this? It doesn’t have an expiration date! Tinggly gifts don’t expire so the recipient can book anytime they want.

Furthermore, by purchasing one Tinggly box, you’re helping the planet earth because part of Tinggly profit is dedicated to sustainable projects that help remove polluting plastics from the environment. So it’s literally like making someone happy as well as saving our very own planet. Yay!

My Tinggly Experience in the Middle East

This is one of my bucket lists and it finally happened! And you should go here too! If, however, you don’t have an idea what Edge of the World is, it is one of the top tourist attractions in Saudi. Overlooking the surrounding plain, you will literally feel that you’re at the edge of the world. The uninterrupted view of the horizon while you’re at the top of a 300-meter high cliff offers an amazing experience that you shouldn’t miss! All thanks to Tinggly for finally making it happen!

If you’re traveling in Dubai and you’re tired of going to crowded locations, there’s another thing you can do to end your trip or to just try something new but luxurious. Dubai is known for its luxury yachts, and you simply can not miss them!

From gourmet meals to comfortable seating, traveling over Dubai’s turquoise waters will undoubtedly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is the time that I appreciate the beauty of Dubai, that it’s more than just skyscrapers, Dubai is an experience!

After all, these billionaires obsessed with luxury ships are not truly insane. You can take in a great perspective of this great city with this yacht tour. All because of Tinggly, I was able to experience feeling like a billionaire on this tour. We all deserve to feel this sometimes!

I bet we all heard about Burj Khalifa. It is always one of the main reasons why people want to go to Dubai – to see this majestic architecture. The skyscraper stands 183m to tip and consists of 163 floors! Usually, tourists only get the chance to see it from the outside, but during our visit (and of course because of Tinggly), we’re able to go inside and to look at the insane view of Dubai! It was a whole lot of experience that I recommend you all to try! 

How to Gift a Tinggly Experience to Someone?

If you’re now thinking of giving someone a Tinggly gift, that’s a good choice since it’s very easy!

1. Just choose a gift box to give your friends or family.

2. After choosing one, they will send an eVoucher (PDF file) to your email, just print the file and give it to the recipient. Another way is a special Tinggly gift box that also includes a voucher, your personalized greetings to the person, and a beautiful Experience Journal. This box can be delivered in 2-5 business days either to you or to the recipient.

If you want your gift to be more ‘personal’, we highly recommend you choose the special Tinggly gift box than the eVoucher. But both of them help clean the Planet Earth so it still depends on how you want your gift to be delivered.

3. Once you chose which method you like, the recipient can now select any experience from the gift box.

4. The recipient can now enjoy this special gift from you!

Of course, you can also buy a Tinggly Experience for yourself. Just think of it asa present for yourself for working hard. Haha!


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