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Would you like to sport about in this 1975 AMC Hornet?

It’s no Gucci Sportabout, but this 1975 AMC Hornet looks like it would be fun to try and save. Especially since it’s ripe for some manner of engine swap that brings power and fun way up. At one point, AMC was popping the 360 V8 in the Hornet, but that’s not what this particular machine has under the hood.

1975 AMC Hornet rear 3/4

According to the auction listing, this car doesn’t have keys and has been sitting for five years. It’s not running. But body-wise it doesn’t look too bad. And that interior could be cleaned up fairly easily, minus the rips in the front seats. It seems like that engine would be easy to remove, and you know there’s enough space for something larger. The color is cool, the badges are great, and the Sportabout name is just fun to say/.

What do you think this car is worth in this condition? And do you think it would be fun to bring back to life?

Thanks to Cody for sending in the tip!

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