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Xbox Game Pass’ November lineup includes Return to Monkey Island and Vampire Survivors

Xbox Game Pass is getting some great games in November, including the official Xbox releases of two of my favorite games of the year: Return to Monkey Island and Vampire Survivors.

Return to Monkey Island is the newest entry in the Monkey Island point-and-click adventure game series. It’s a delightful homage to the classic titles that adds some much-needed polish to smooth out some of the more annoying aspects of old-school LucasArts adventure games. It first launched on Steam and Nintendo Switch in September, and it will be available on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and PlayStation 5 on November 8th.

Return to Monkey Island is pretty chill, so if you’re looking for something that offers complete sensory overload, Vampire Survivors will do the trick with its barrage of bullets, weapons, enemies, and general sense of chaos. The game technically launched in early access last December, but over the course of this year, developer Poncle has added more features, characters, and levels to the game ahead of its 1.0 release in October. Vampire Survivors was originally only available for PC (in October, it had the most daily average users of any game on Steam Deck) and PC Game Pass, and it’s coming to Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass on November 10th.

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