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You can help bring this American Motors documentary to life

Remember AMC? That would be the American Motors Corporation, born from the smashed-together ashes of Nash and Hudson. The AMC brand produced sweet rides like the Rambler, Eagle, Javelin, and more. For a while, AMC owned Jeep, and we got the legendary Jeep 4.0-liter engine. But the company ran into money trouble, partnered with French automaker Renault for a time, and ultimately wound up being absorbed by Chrysler. It’s an automotive history lesson, and there’s a team eager to tell it.

The Last Independent Automaker is a six-part docu-series focused on the history of AMC. It features interviews with those involved and aims to unfold the history of American Motors. The series looks to be shared in 2024 and needs help to cross the finish line.

You can watch the trailer above. And here’s a link to the project’s GoFundMe page if you want more information. Making a documentary like this is expensive, but the subject matter here is interesting, and it could be fun to be a small part of making it come to light.

Maybe we all come together with a few bucks and donate to the project under the Hooniverse umbrella? Would anyone be interested in that? If I get enough hand raisers, we can put something together. Of course, you can always donate under your own name if you prefer… you’ll wind up in their credits that way!

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